Labor Lobby Corps

Colorado AFL-CIO Lobby Corps

The Labor Lobby Corps is a program of the Colorado AFL-CIO to bring member’s voices and member’s stories to the Colorado State Capitol. The program runs for six weeks starting January, 2020. Each participant must commit to being at the capitol in Denver for three days - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the week they are registered. A sample schedule is attached. This is non-partisan and we will cover a lot of topics facing the union this session.

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The Lobby Corps:

●     Trains members on the process to pass working families legislation

●     Builds relationships with a variety of locals across the state and forge partnerships

●     Builds relationships with their legislator to make the labor movement more impactful

●     Develops relationships with community partners

●     Increases the power we have as a movement through people power

●     Develops skills members can use to work with their local governments


Call Robert Lindgren at 720-787-8040 with any questions.