Colorado AFL-CIO Statement on Internal Party Races

The Colorado AFL-CIO issued the following statement today regarding the on-going internal Democrat and Republican party races:

There are a lot of rumors floating around regarding the Colorado AFL-CIO and the on-going internal party races. While we encourage our members, both Democrats and Republicans, to get involved in all levels of politics, our organization is not endorsing any candidates for any Democratic or Republican internal party positions. 
Our membership is diverse, and we will work to elect candidates from any party that support labor's core values in the primary and general elections. Our affiliates and members are free to engage in internal party races on an individual level, but it is our belief that internal party politics is best left to partisan organizations. 
If you hear any candidate claim the Colorado AFL-CIO has endorsed them in the Democratic or Republican races for party chair, vice chair, or any other internal party position, please contact me directly. 
In Solidarity,
Sam Gilchrist