Colorado AFL-CIO calls on All Colorado Republicans to Withdraw Support of Donald Trump

Denver – As the 2016 ballots go out, theColorado AFL-CIO, which represents more than 170 affiliate unions whose membership totals more than 130,000 working Coloradans across the state, is calling on all Colorado Republicans to publicly state they won’t vote for the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump.

“Trump’s remarks perpetuate workplace cultures that degrade women and their achievements,” said Sam Gilchrist, Executive Director of the Colorado AFL-CIO. “The labor movement is based on merit – the belief that everyone doing the same job should be afforded equal pay and respect. We want leaders who will uplift women’s accomplishments, fight for equal pay for equal work and denounce “locker room talk” for what it is – the continued disrespect and oppression of women. 

“And Trump has proven time and again that not only does he denigrate individual workers, he will outsource our jobs, including buying cheap Chinese steel for his construction projects.”

Half of Colorado Republicans, including Senate candidate Darryl Glenn, Rep. Scott Tipton,  and State Senator Laura Woods still support Donald Trump. After months of Trump insulting the disabled, veterans and Gold Star families, Mike Coffman finally made the politically-driven decision to repudiate him only a couple of weeks ago.

Colorado’s working families deserve public servants who will do the right thing and fight for them all the time, for principle, not politics. And make no mistake, women and men across Colorado will show those Republicans exactly what they think of their lack of principles at the ballot box this November.” 

You can read the full list of the Colorado AFL-CIO’s endorsed candidates and ballot measure positions HERE.