In 2019, BALC will endorse municipal Candidates in Boulder, Longmont and Broomfield.

To receive our endorsement candidates were asked to complete the following on-line form prior to September 6, participate in a Labor Education Event on September 18, 5-8 PM, and appear for scheduled interviews on Sept. 7 and 14.

Candidate Questionnaire:

2019 Endorsements are listed in bold with an * next to the name:

Boulder Candidates:  
* Aaron Brockett
Adam Swetlik
* Benita Duran
Bob Yates
Brian Dolan
Gala Wilhelmina Orba
* Junie Joseph
Mark McIntyre
* Mark Wallach
* Nikki McCord
Rachel Friend
* Susan Peterson
Andy Celani
Paul Cure
Corina Julca
Longmont Candidates: 
* Schuyler Trowbridge
Brian Bagley
Ward 1
* Tim Waters
Ward 3
* Susan Hidalgo-Fahring
Regan Sample
Matthew Garrett
Jeff Moore
Joan Peck
Broomfield Candidates:  
MayorKimberly Groom
Mayor* Kevin Michael Kreeger
MayorPatrick A Quinn
Ward 1Stan Jezierski
Ward 1Kim Elizabeth Tavendale
Ward 2Brent Hultman
Ward 2* William Lindstedt
Ward 3Christopher Sean Cleary
Ward 3Kevin Jacobs
Ward 3Jean Lim
Ward 4Laurie Marie Anderson
Ward 4Emily Joo
Ward 5David J Beacom
Ward 5* Heidi Rena Henkel

In late September the COPE met to review and make their recommendations to the delegates body of the BALC during their meeting on October 2, 2019.  Endorsements will be announced on October 3 and mailings will go to union members immediately thereafter.



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